Everything You Wanted to Know About Barrier Free Showers

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ORCA HealthCare is proud of our safe, durable, and (dare we say) beautiful multi-piece barrier free showers. They come in several different stylish, functional designs with a full range of threshold heights allowing for wheelchair accessibility. Moreover, barrier-free showers find installation in senior homes, private residences, universities, or any location requiring a top-quality handicap bathing area.

We’ll crate and ship your shower kit to anywhere in North America and can offer full installation services within Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland. But whether you are a homeowner or contractor, putting in our low threshold or roll-in showers isn’t difficult. The walls have plywood backing, eliminating the need for additional reinforcement, and allowing for easy and secure mounting of accessories. These showers feature leak-proof snap-together joints. The pre-leveled base eliminates the need for mud-setting, reducing hassle. Entry thresholds under 1.25” are reinforced with steel studs to prevent damage.

When it’s ready, you (and its users) will appreciate the faux-tile fiberglass design, gleaming gel coating on the walls, and anti-slip finish on the floors. Cleaning is easy because there is no grout to worry about. To show you that we stand behind our products, all showers and shower pans come with a 30-year limited warranty.

Additionally, available accessories include Symmons shower valve with glide bar and handheld, fold-up padded seat, WaterStopper (a collapsible water dam), grab bars, no-caulk drain, curtain rod and weighted shower curtain.

ORCA HealthCare has raised the bar for quality and lowered the barrier of affordability, making these multi-piece handicapped showers truly accessible to all.

For additional information on handicap roll-in showers contact us.

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Written by: Stephen Moramarco

6 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know About Barrier Free Showers”

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Material cost for a simple walk-in shower will range between $2,000- $3,000.00 depending on the shower dimensions and threshold height that you are looking for. Let us know if you have any additional questions. ORCA HealthCare

  1. i just had a walk in shower installed 36×36. I cant even get my bath chair in it. I wanted to have one to replace my bathtub.this unit had to be ordered and cost 1400. am so upset. contractor is so nice and he said he will try and decide how we can fix it. my tub was cast iron and was 36×60. I have half of extra space that going to have to cover up. help?

    1. Hi Luann,

      We have a 60″ X 36″ roll-in or walk-in shower insert that would fit your required space with the ability to have the shower drain in the centre, right or left side depending on your current plumbing location. These shower units would allow plenty of space to accommodate a chair. Here is a link on the product

      Let us know if you have any questions,
      ORCA HealthCare

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