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One Shower, Multiple Uses

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We don’t call it a Lifetime Shower just because it’s built to last: it also adapts as your needs change. This is because it’s convertible to a barrier free shower, allowing for restricted mobility or wheelchair use.

The Lifetime Shower looks like a traditional shower, albeit one made with gel-coated walls and faux-tile finish. This makes it much easier to clean than a standard grouted shower, yet its design looks just as beautiful.

What makes it truly innovative is that the shower doors can be removed, along with the semi-permanent threshold to create a bathing area for people with accessibility issues or need assistance.

The Lifetime Shower’s semi-permanent threshold is custom-fitted for each design, made of heavy gauge aluminum, and coated to match the unit. They are strong enough to hold a glass shower door.

It’s not difficult to reconfigure. Take off the glass doors and remove the aluminum barrier. In its place, put the WaterStopper, our self-adhesive collapsible water dam, which needs no caulk or glue. Put up the shower curtain rod, add the weighted curtain, and your Lifetime Shower is now all-access. (And if you want to go back, set-up for the regular shower is just as convenient.)

Like our other showers, Lifetime Showers all come with reinforced walls, no-leak seams,  and snap-on joints. Detailed assembly instructions are included, and if you live in Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland we can even install for you. (Otherwise, we deliver to anywhere in North America.)

Lifetime Showers are durable, configurable, and backed by our 30-year limited warranty. This is why we say it’s the last shower you will ever need.

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Written by: Stephen Moramarco

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