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ADL Accessible Bath and Spa

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At ORCA HealthCare we often talk about the safety benefits of walk-in Baths Can Benefit Your Health. But there are also some fantastic health benefits to remodeling your bathroom with these accessible products. Studies have shown that seniors and those with disabilities have increased mental and emotional health just by knowing that their daily hygiene routines are safe and comfortable. But that’s not all.


Products such as the ADL Spa from Best-Bath Systems have Jacuzzi. Style air jets that can reduce inflammation, boost circulation and strengthen your immune system. The ADL Spa also comes with seven heated whirlpool jets that will also massage your back, feet and legs; loosening muscles, reducing aches and pains and releasing endorphins.

Another benefit of this model is the built-in electronic control panel. Not only can you control the jet speed and timer. You can also easily adjust the temperature of the water with the large display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Important for quadriplegics, who may not be able to sense water temperature changes. This feature also allows you to be totally immersed in water that is the perfect temperature for increased hormone production and improved tissue healing.

For those concerned about bacteria and infections. The ADL Spa has an O3 Ozone Sanitation System, which automatically sanitizes the walk-in bath and plumbing in just one hour. Adequate cleaning results in decreased irritation, improved water surface agitation and healthier skin overall.

Importantly, the system does not involve harsh chemicals, so there will be no erosion of spa parts (it’s environmentally friendly too!)

For anyone interested in the health benefits of walk-in or slide in baths, the ADL Spa is for you. The product is perfect for users that require clearance for a wheelchair lift and uses that space for beautiful under-bath cabinets for soaps, towels and other accessories.

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Written by: Charlotte Rogers

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