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ORCA HealthCare Factory Tour

Step inside our factory for a tour on how our custom shower enclosures are built and manufactured.

ORCA Healthcare provides comprehensive services to help customers find ideal bathing solutions. Our services include replacing traditional shower with walk-in showers and low-entry showers, and providing wheelchair accessible and ADA-compliant units. We offer customization options like color tile accents and solid surface applications, ensuring functional and attractive products. Our high-quality units come with practical accessories, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a personal rapport with customers, assisting them from start to finish.

ORCA Healthcare Custom Shower Manufacturing Process.

Below are the specific steps involved in manufacturing an ORCA Healthcare shower.

Mold Preparation

The completed mold is waxed and prepped before the first layers are applied. The mold must be spotless and completely defect-free, ensuring high quality in the final product. Every stage of manufacturing performs quality testing.

Gel Coat Application

The manufacturer applies gel coat over the waxed mold with precise measurements to ensure optimal look and performance. Moreover, excess or insufficient gel coat affects the finished product. The manufacturer gives keen attention to detail in all steps of the manufacturing process.

Barrier Coat Application

The mold with its gel coat has a barrier coat applied by hand. This step requires the experience and judgment of a craftsman. The barrier coat prevents the foundation materials from affecting the final shine.

Fiberglass and Resin Application

The manufacturer applies the first layer of skin over the barrier layer by hand. They apply glass fibers, chopped and mixed with resin, in a random pattern, to ensure bonding of every inch of the skin to the barrier layer to prevent bubbles, separation, or surprises. They bond strengthening panels to the enclosure and cover key points again with fiberglass and resin.

Curing Process

After applying fiberglass, the manufacturer sets aside the enclosure to cure uniformly and completely. They carefully control the curing process to eliminate guesswork.

Mold Separation

Separating the mold from the fiberglass without scratching or damaging the product is achieved by injecting air between the mold and the unit. The smooth waxed mold allows the air to gently expand the enclosure, resulting in clean separation.

Trimming and Quality Control

In the trim booth, all dimensions are smooth  to exact specifications. Handcrafting ensures that the final product meets your exact requirements. For tubs, quality control includes perfect leveling and a smooth finish.

Customization and Assembly

Accent and creative processes take place next, allowing for customized products tailored to your specifications. At the factory, we pre-assemble and check multi-piece units to ensure easy installation and a superior final appearance.

Self-Leveling and Adhesive Application

Units with a thickness of an inch and a quarter or less are self-leveling. Industrial adhesive is use to secure the basin for the building’s lifetime. Special construction techniques ensure no standing or grey water in tubs, and custom-bent piping supports this.

Packaging and Delivery

We professionally package units for easy handling and deliver them on time and on budget. Our packaging ensures the perfect product for your application, reducing job site time and ensuring the job is done right the first time.

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