Independent Living for Seniors

Ensure Safe and Independent Living with ORCA HealthCare

The bathroom accounts for over 80% of slips and falls experienced by people aged over 65. It’s not surprising. Smooth tiles, panes of glass, wet surfaces. People of any age can easily slip in the bathroom and cause themselves serious injuries. In fact, a quarter of people aged over 65 die within a year of breaking a hip.

This is not meant to scare you into the nursing home. Living independently is obviously very desirable – over 92% of people over 65 are choosing to do it. According to a Canadian study, independent living for the over 85 age group is also increasing rapidly.

At ORCA HealthCare we want to give you the best and safest bathroom we can so that you can live independently, without hurting yourself or worrying your family.

One of our top picks in accessible shower design is Best Bath. The 4 and 5 piece curbed showers have diamond finished tiling and a moulded-in seat. We also love this product because it is easy to install. The 4 pieces snap together, and the pan arrives pre-levelled and with no need for mud setting.

Another great feature of Best Bath accessible showers is the ‘Need it Now’ package. Full shower packages are available that can be processed within 24 hours and shipped directly to your home for free! ‘Need it Now’ packages also come with accessories including two grab bars, curtain and curtain rod, water stoppers and a collection of shower valves.

In fact, Best Bath accessible showers allow to accessorize to your heart’s content. Accented tiles, shower and window trim kits, shower pan finishes, padded seating with swing down legs; the list goes on.

Additionally, the shower will allow you to feel secure in your own home and stop your children and grandchildren from leaving brochures for the ‘assisted living’ or ‘retirement home’ on your coffee table!

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