ORCA’s 60 x 30 Roll-in Showers and Fiberglass Kits

ORCA's 60 x 30 Roll-in Showers and Fiberglass Kits

A traditional shower or bathtub can be daunting for individuals living with disabilities or recovering from an injury. However, independence and safety are within reach with ORCA’s HealthCare’s 60 x 30 roll-in showers. This innovative shower design provides effortless accessibility, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a hassle-free bathing experience.

ORCA offers two stunning roll-in shower options in the 60 x 30 size:

  • 5LBS6030B75B: This model features a stylish, modern subway tile look with a sleek 8″ x 4″ pattern.
  • 5LRS6030B75B: Prefer a classic touch? This shower holds a timeless real tile look with beautiful 4″ x 4″ square tiles.

The 60 x 30 roll-in shower, available in two styles – 5LBS6030B75B (Subway tile look) and 5LRS6030B75B (Real tile look) – has a sleek and modern design. Its 5-piece construction ensures easy installation, while the .75″ threshold provides a seamless transition for wheelchairs or walkers. This shower stall kit is specifically designed to fit into a standard bathtub’s framing pocket, making it an ideal replacement for traditional showers and bathtubs.

Quick Delivery and Easy Installation

We understand that regaining bathroom accessibility can be urgent.  ORCA’s 60 x 30 roll-in shower has a lead time of just over 2 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy a safer showering experience.  Additionally, the shower comes in a convenient five-piece design for simplified installation.

Enhance Safety and Convenience with Optional Accessories

ORCA offers a comprehensive accessory package further to elevate the safety and comfort of your new shower:

  • A single lever valve from Delta, Moen, or Symmons is used for easy water temperature control.
  • Glide bar and handheld shower head for added convenience and maneuverability.
  • 22″ x 15″ padded fold-up seat for comfortable showering.
  • Two grab bars were strategically placed for extra support.
  • Also, a rubber collapsible WaterStopper to ensure optimal water retention within the shower pan.

Ideal for Various Needs

Our 60 x 30 roll-in shower is a top choice for a variety of individuals:

  • Seniors seeking to maintain independence in their homes as they age.
  • Individuals living with disabilities who require a safer showering solution.
  • Those recovering from an accident that need a temporary or permanent accessible shower option.

Take back control of your bathroom and experience peace with ORCA’s 60 x 30 roll-in showers. Let us help you create a safe and comfortable haven. Reach out to ORCA HealthCare today! You can also call us at +1.855.566.6722 or email info@orcahealthcare.com.



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