Aging in Place with the Ultimate 60 x 30 Walk-in Shower Kit

Aging in Place with the Ultimate 60 x 30 Walk-in Shower Kit

As we age, our homes can sometimes hinder our independence. One of the most significant obstacles is the traditional bathtub, with its high threshold and slippery surfaces. However, a solution that can help seniors age in place with ease and safety is the walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower for aging in place, such as the ORCA HealthCare 60 x 30 walk-in shower kit, is a safety-focused shower designed to accommodate seniors and people with mobility challenges. These showers also feature a low threshold, usually 2-4 inches, eliminating the dangers of stepping high up over the side of a bathtub. 

The ORCA HealthCare 5LBS6030B17T walk-in shower is a 60 x 30 kit for aging in place, featuring:

  • A 60″ x 30″ shower area
  • A low 1.75″ threshold for easy entry
  • A multi-piece design for easy installation
  • A subway tile look (8″x4″) for a stylish and modern appearance
  • Also, an optional accessory package for added functionality and safety

This product is also designed to help seniors age in place safely and comfortably, allowing them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Benefits of Choosing an Aging-in-Place Walk-in Shower

Traditional showers and bathtubs can pose serious risks for seniors, with high thresholds and slippery surfaces that can lead to falls. Additionally, the CDC identifies falls as a major cause of injury to seniors in the bathroom.

Accessorizing for Safety and Comfort

The optional accessory package for the ORCA HealthCare 60 x 30 walk-in shower kit provides added safety and comfort features. These accessories include:

  • A choice of Delta, Moen, or Symmons single lever valve package with glide bar and hand-held shower head
  • A 22″x15″ padded fold-up seat
  • Two grab bars
  • A drain
  • A heavily weighted shower curtain
  • A curtain rod
  • Also a rubber collapsible WaterStopper for good water retention

Aging in place is essential to maintaining independence and quality of life as we age. If you or a loved one is struggling with stepping over a bathtub, consider installing a 5LBS6030B17T walk-in shower.

Additionally, if you have any questions about our 60 x 30 walk-in shower kit or other accessible bathing solutions, feel free to contact us at +1.855.566.6722 or email us at We’re here to help!



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