72” Wide Shower: Bariatric & ADA Accessible Bathing Solution

72” Wide Shower: Bariatric & ADA Accessible Bathing Solution

Individuals with mobility impairments face significant bathing challenges due to traditional showers’ narrow entrances, high thresholds, and inadequate space for wheelchairs or walkers. These challenges can lead to lost independence, dignity, and safety. ORCA HealthCare understands the importance of accessible bathing solutions. Our 72” wide shower, model 5LBS27248A1B, is specifically designed to address the needs of individuals with mobility impairments, providing a spacious and comfortable bathing experience.

Also, with its bariatric wheelchair-accessible design and ADA compliance, this shower is ideal for those seeking a safe and independent bathing solution.

Unmatched Accessibility With Modern Style

The 5LBS27248A1B has impressive dimensions – 72″ wide by 48″ deep – exceeding ADA compliance standards.  This spacious design allows for effortless movement and increased independence in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, the remarkably low 1″ beveled threshold minimizes the risk of tripping or stumbling, promoting safety for users of all abilities.

Designed for Easy Installation

Recognizing that accessibility upgrades may necessitate modifications to existing doorways, the designers thoughtfully designed the 5LBS27248A1B to arrive in five manageable pieces. This also allows for easy transport through standard doorways, simplifying the installation process.

Ideal for Spacious Bathrooms and Increased Accessibility Needs

The 72″ wide shower is a perfect choice for:

  • Individuals seeking a luxurious and spacious showering experience.
  • Homeowners renovating bathrooms to create a more accessible environment.
  • Facilities requiring ADA-compliant showering options.

The 5LBS27248A1B features a stylish, modern subway tile look with sleek 8″ x 4″ tiles. For added flexibility, ORCA offers the option to purchase the P27248A1B shower pan only, allowing you to customize it with your preferred tile selection.

72″ Wide Shower is Built to Last

Importantly, the 5LBS27248A1B features a high bariatric rating. This ensures the shower floor can support significant weight loads, providing a safe and secure showering experience for all users.  The manufacturer also fabricates the low-profile shower floor with an integral support material, ensuring proper weight distribution when installed correctly.

Don’t let limited mobility hold you back. Upgrade to ORCA HealthCare’s 72” wide shower, model 5LBS27248A1B, for a safe and comfortable bathing experience. Contact us today to learn more.

You can also call us at +1.855.566.6722 or email info@orcahealthcare.com.



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