60 x 30 Walk-in Shower with Seat: Age in Place Safely

60 x 30 Walk-in Shower with Seat: Age in Place Safely

As we age, our bathroom needs to change. Traditional bathtubs can become a safety hazard, and mobility issues can make showering a daunting task. If you’re looking to age in place safely and comfortably, a walk-in shower is an excellent solution. ORCA Healthcare’s 60 x 30 walk-in shower with seat is designed to provide a safe, accessible, and stylish bathing experience, perfect for individuals seeking a fiberglass shower solution.

Addressing Concerns for Safe and Independent Bathing

How does ORCA’s 60 x 30 walk-in shower with seat ensure independence and safety for aging-in-place?

  • Reduced Fall Risk: Unlike traditional showers and bathtubs with high entry points, the ORCA 60 x 30 walk-in shower features a low 5-inch curb. This minimizes the need for a high step, promoting safe and easy access for users of all abilities.
  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort: The integrated mold-in seat provides a convenient resting place while showering. This also eliminates the need for a separate wall-mounted seat, which can be bulky and cumbersome to clean. Furthermore, the uniform design of the seat creates a modern and aesthetically pleasing look, unlike institutional-style shower benches.
  • Peace of Mind with Water Retention: The shower is designed to accommodate your preferred water containment system, whether you choose a shower door or a shower curtain with a rod. This ensures proper water retention within the shower pan, preventing unwanted leaks.

Additional Benefits of the ORCA 60″ Walk-In Shower

  • Multiple Size Options: To perfectly fit various bathroom configurations, the ORCA 60 x 30 walk-in shower comes in the standard size (60″ x 30″) along with extended length options (60″ x 32″, 60″ x 34″, and 60″ x 36″).
  • Durable Fiberglass Construction: This low-maintenance fiberglass shower has exceptional durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Simplified Installation: The convenient five-piece design allows for a streamlined installation process.

Upgrade to ORCA Healthcare’s 60 x 30 walk-in shower with a seat for a safe and accessible fiberglass shower solution ideal for aging in place. You can also contact us at +1.855.566.6722 or email info@orcahealthcare.com to learn more. Take the first step towards aging in place safely and comfortably.



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