ropimex® Telescopic screens RTS

This clever swing-out telescopic screen is easy to use and takes up minimal space. The ropimex® RTS eliminates the trip hazard associated with many traditional hospital screens yet provides instant privacy whenever it’s needed. When the screen is no longer required, simply push it against the wall.
Designed to be lightweight, yet tough, durable and easy to operate, the ropimex® RTS can be used to service multiple beds without the need for separate brackets. The RTS is available in three lengths and is supplied with curtain rings.

Material: ropimex® telescopic screens are made of anodized aluminum and fibreglass reinforced plastics. Easy to clean and disinfect.

ropimex® RTS 2.1
Telescopic length extension: 85 – 210 cm (33.5” to 83”), 17 rings
Weight: 0,7 kg
Recommended Curtains: TCS 211, TCS 212, TCS 213, VH/C 211, VH/C 212, CQ 211, CQ 212

ropimex® RTS 1.5
Telescopic length extension: 65 – 150 cm (25.5” to 59”), 13 rings
Weight: 0,6 kg
Recommended Curtains: TCS 151, TCS 152, TCS 153, VH/C 151, VH/C 152, CQ 151, CQ 152

ropimex® RTS 1.2
Telescopic length extension: 55 – 120 cm (21.5” to 47”), 10 rings
Weight: 0,5 kg
Recommended Curtains: TCS 121, TCS 122, TCS 123, VH/C 121, VH/C 122, CQ 121, CQ 122

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