Cleanique®CQ Privacy Curtains

Ideal for use as shower curtains, Cleanique® curtains are water-repellent, light-fast and tear-proof. The curtains are also designed to be soft to the touch with excellent draping qualities for an attractive finish. Available in a variety of appealing colors, the curtains are manufactured using durable thermoplastic polyether polyurethane.

The curtains have anti-microbial properties, are approved for skin contact in accordance with FDA (ISO 10993), and will not stick to the skin. Cleanique® curtains are easy to care for and can be wiped clean with a suitable detergent or machine washed at a maximum of 30°C.

Material and attributes

CQ ropimex® seamless curtain and highly hygienic

  • thermoplastic polyether polyurethane
  • bacteriostatic efficacy proved
  • approved for skin contact in accordance with FDA (ISO 10993)
  • flame-retardant, fire class M1
  • water-repellent and light-fast
  • resistant to rubbing and tear-proof
  • durable and non-stick

Sizes: CQ 121(55” w x 47” h), CQ 122 (55” w x 55” h), CQ 151 (70” w x 47” h), CQ 152 (70” w x 55” w), CQ 211 (87” w x 47” w), CQ 212 (87” w x 55” h)

Colours available: velvet white, sky blue, orange

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