staph CHEK® VH/C Privacy Curtains

Ideal for use as a shower curtain, staph CHEK® is anti-bacterial, water-repellent and easy to clean. The curtain has anti-static properties, and will not stick to the body, even when wet. It is resistant to staining and soiling, making it perfectly suited to use in busy bathrooms.

The stable fabric construction ensures staph CHEK® curtains can withstand even the heaviest use. Curtains can be wiped clean with a suitable household cleaner.

Material and attributes:

staph CHEK®, the perfect fabric for showers and bathrooms that can be wiped down

    • anti-bacterial
    • flame-retardant, fire class M2
    • self-extinguishing
    • anti-static
    • waterproof to liquids
    • does not stick to skin
    • staining and soiling-resistant
    • highly durable

VH/C 121 (55” w x 47” h), VH/C 122 (55” w x 55” h), VH/C 151 (70” w x 47” h), VH/C 152 (70” w x 55” w), VH/C 211 (87” w x 47” w) VH/C 212 (87” w x 55” h)

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Colours available: light blue, white, yellow, beige, mint


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