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Best Bath Systems - White Barrier Free Shower With Red Accents With Wheelchair

Best Bath Systems Never Compromises on Quality

Handicap showers or walk-in tubs don’t have to be ugly or expensive. In fact, Orca Health showers manufactured by Best Bath Systems are of a quality that’s second to none. Here is how we do it:

Custom Shower Design

Best Bath handicap showers are all built in the USA and we create your custom shower design mold to exact specifications. Once it’s completed, the mold is waxed and checked for any defects. Then, the shower is built in reverse. First, the exact right amount of gel coat is applied; too much or too little can affect its performance.

Built By Hand

Next the unique barrier coat is applied by hand to the shower design for a superior finish. This coat keeps the foundation materials from affecting the shine and must be carefully done by a craftsman. Then, millions of fibers embedded in polyester resin are sprayed by the specialist to give the shower strength. The shower corners are rounded by hand using a variety of different rollers so that every square inch is covered. Thresholds below 1.25” are always reinforced with steel studs.

Shower Free From Defects

Strengthening panels are added for even more durability, which are again hand-sprayed in fiberglass and rolled. Once the shower has cured, air is injected between the mold and the unit. Because the perfect shower design mold was first waxed, the blast of air makes peeling it off quick, easy, and without any scratches or blemishes. It can then be accented with color for a showroom look.

Finally, all handicap showers are assembled at the factory to make sure they fit exactly right. The shower pan bottoms are leveled with blue foam and checked to make sure they are at the perfect slope.

Best Bath showers all carry a 30 year warranty and walk-in tub and door seals are guaranteed for life. Quite frankly, no one stands behind their quality like we do.

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Written by: Charlotte Rogers

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