ropimex® FG95 Mobile Privacy Screen

Ready to use whenever you need it, the ropimex® FG95 mobile trolley is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Offering privacy to both patients and caregivers, the mobile privacy screens can be used with one or two telescopic curtain arms by adding the universal clamp (Model UKB).

Taking up minimal space when parked, the FG95 is ideal for use in mobile screening scenarios or in multi-bed rooms. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, the privacy screen trolley is supplied with four sturdy castors, two of which are lockable to provide stability.

Material: ropimex® FG95 is made of anodized aluminum and fibreglass reinforced plastics. Easy to clean and disinfect.

FG95 trolley dimensions: 155 cm (61”) h x 60 cm (23.5”) w x 40 cm (16”) d

When being used with one telescopic rod, we recommend:

ropimex® model RTI 2.2 telescopic rod that extends between 100 – 220 cm (39.5” to 86.5”). Suggested curtains: TCS 212 and CQ 212

When adding a second telescopic rod, it must be used with the UKB Clamp and one of the following:

ropimex® model RTI 1.3 telescopic rod that extends between 70 – 130 cm (27.5” to 51”). Suggested curtains: TCS 122 and CQ 122

ropimex® model RTI 1.6 telescopic rod that extends between 80 – 160 cm (31.5” to 63”). Suggested curtains: TCS 152 and CQ 152

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