Heavy Weighted Shower Curtains

This three-layered vinyl heavy weighted shower curtain is exceptionally durable and keeps the water out. Stainless steel grommets are spaced every 6” across the top of the curtain and porcelain weights are sewn into the bottom hem. It is also mildew resistant and flame retardant.

In combination with our WaterStopper collapsible water dam, this system keeps water in the shower and off your bathroom floors.


Available sizes:

42” W x 74” L
48” W x 74” L
54” W x 74” L
62” W x 74” L
66” W x 74” L
80” W x 74” L
102” W x 73” L
116” W x 74” L

*Curtain rods with mounting brackets are available.

*We also offer Attendant Curtains that prevent the caregiver from getting wet while offering privacy to the bather.

Additional information

Product Type:


Application Type:

Shower Curtain


85.9 % vinyl and 14.1 % polyester




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