A Fully Installed 48 Inch Shower Stall Without the Wait

48 Inch Shower Stall Close up panels with padded seat

For newcomers to ORCA HealthCare, we’re here to assist you in navigating our products and services, helping you craft your ideal bathroom. Moreover, this lets you enjoy the classic tile appearance without the hassle of scrubbing and maintaining grout.  Today, we’d like to introduce two exciting 48 inch shower stall options from our popular Speed-It-Up shower range. If you’re not familiar with our Speed-It-Up program, you can read all about it here. We’ve also come to the rescue of many of our customers over the years and have made straightforward, speedy accessible bathroom installations possible across Canada and the US.

We know that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and you might be limited when it comes to the type of accessible roll in shower you can install in your home or care facility. With this in mind, we stock a huge selection of shower kits in a range of sizes, making it easy to find your perfect match. Plus, our 4-foot shower stalls offer the same great features and bathing experience without dominating your bathroom.

4LRS4834B5T 48 inch Shower Stall Speed-It-Up Shower Packages
4LRS4834B5T 48 inch Shower Stall Speed-It-Up Shower Packages

Today, we’re highlighting two packages ideal for homeowners or contractors seeking modern, stylish accessible bathroom options.

The 4LRS4834B5B and 4LBS4836B75B are durable, high-quality showers with an attractive finish that will complement any modern bathroom. Perhaps the most striking feature of the 4LRS4834B5B is the innovative wall that looks just like real tiles.  Importantly, the 4LRS4834B5B offers a stylish alternative to generic accessible roll in shower installations and helps avoid an institutional feel.

Close up Subway Tile on our 48 Inch Handicap Shower Stall
Close up Subway Tile on our 48 Inch Handicap Shower Stall

Moreover, the 4LBS4836B75B, similar to the 4LRS4834B5B, is 2” deeper, ideal for modern bathrooms. Its 8” x 4” subway tiles provide a sleek finish, perfect for interior design enthusiasts.

Constructed from laminate wood and tough fiberglass for unbeatable strength, both these 48 inch shower stall packages allow you to install your safe-bathing accessories in the most convenient positions for your needs. As with all ORCA HealthCare showers, the pre-leveled pan eliminates mud setting, while the center drain ensures swift water drainage, eliminating slip hazards.

The innovative gel coat covering of our showers is durable, and hygienic and also offers an easy-care yet attractive finish. It’s simple to clean and won’t scratch or fade.

Accessories packages are available for all our showers
Accessory package included with all Speed-It-Up Shower kits

Plus, both 48-inch shower stall kits come with a range of quality accessories, such as stainless steel grab bars, padded flip-up seats, curtains, and rods. We also know everyone’s needs are unique, so if you find yourself in need of any further accessories at a later date, don’t hesitate to let us know.

If we’ve worked with you previously, you’ll know we are passionate about what we do.  Whether you are an old hand at installing showers for the elderly or disabled, or this is all brand new to you, we can help.

Additionally, we look forward to hearing from new and existing customers alike at 1-855-566-6722 or at info@orcahealthcare.com.

Written by: Jenny Leigh

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