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5 Piece 60"X48" Roll-in SHower Package
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Contractors and architects looking for safe bathing solutions for their home renovations and bathroom remodeling projects come to ORCA HealthCare for barrier free shower solutions, also known as walk-in or roll-in showers. Our barrier-free showers maximize long-term value, utility, comfort, and safety. Whether you’re seeking a highly accessible replacement for old, high-threshold bathtubs or a lower-cost alternative to expensive walk-in tubs.

Manufactured with high quality materials and engineered to exact specifications in the USA, installation of a barrier free walk-in shower is fast and easy, saving you time and money while ensuring high quality workmanship and a standard 30-year limited warranty. Prefabricated gelcoat fiberglass barrier free showers also eliminate the need for any tile work, mitigating the labor cost in time and expertise for tile installation and maintenance issues that are inherent to bathroom tiles over time.

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Lifetime Barrier Free Walk-In Shower for People of All Ages and Abilities

Image of a Roll-in Barrier Free Shower Pan
Barrier Free Shower Pan P6060B1B

Our barrier free walk-in showers are a perfect solution for bathroom Universal Design. It will meet your changing needs over a lifetime. It features a built-in barrier free shower pan designed and engineered for the perfect slope to drain water efficiently.

You can also add a semi-permanent threshold that will act as a small curb at 2” in height. The adaptor can be removed if there is a need for a roll-in shower application. This is particularly useful for tenants of apartment buildings requiring a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, or if the homeowner is concerned about the resale value of the property.

Image of a Semi-Permanent Threshold
A removable semi-permanent threshold acts as a small curb

The adaptor is made of high-grade aluminum which is strong enough to secure shower doors, a popular application for many users.

If you’re looking for a lifetime shower value for everyone. Our barrier-free shower solution is the perfect fit for your bathroom remodeling needs.

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“It’s a wonderful service you provide and you are also providing improved QUALITY OF LIFE for those who need help, and I get the feeling that you derive real joy from being able to offer help.”

Kris Kassel, New Westminster B.C.

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