The ORCA HealthCare 60 x 48 roll-in shower

5LBS6048B1B, Five Piece 60” x 48” Roll-in Shower, 1” Threshold, Centre Drain, “Subway Tile”

At ORCA HealthCare, our main aim is to bring safe, accessible and comfortable bathing to anyone who might struggle in a standard bathroom. Designed with flexibility in mind, our beautiful multi-piece 60 x 48 roll-in shower is perfectly proportioned for clients who require a larger shower stall

Of course, not all bathrooms have a huge amount of free floor space, which is why we also supply a 60″ x 48″ corner shower configuration that offers additional versatility. The 3LBSC6048FB1B features an on-trend subway tile design, while the 1″ threshold allows maximum accessibility.

The advantages of our larger showers are several. They allow bariatric clients to shower in comfort and in full confidence that the shower base is built to support higher weights, thanks to the integral level support construction. They also provide plenty of space for shower commode users or anyone who requires additional care aids or support while bathing.

Hassle-free shipping

Our lead time is one of the lowest in the industry. Most of our 60 x 48 roll in shower stalls are delivered within 8-10 business days of ordering. Not only that, but we offer a hassle-free shipping service that removes any stress or guesswork on your part.

You won’t pay any shipping costs on your order, helping you stick to your budget. We aim to offer a smooth delivery service and will provide you with tracking details as soon as your shipment leaves our factory. You’ll be contacted by the shipper directly to arrange a convenient time for delivery, direct to your site.

Meanwhile, our customer service is second to none and we’re always available on the end of a phone or via email if you need anything at all.

Why choose an ORCA 48 x 60 shower kit?

We work really hard to make sure all of our showers are attractive fixtures in their own right, regardless of their accessibility features. You’ll find our 60 x48 curbless shower kits enhance any bathroom with their clean, streamlined appearance and glossy gelcoat finish.

We certainly don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach, so we offer a range of designs to allow clients to stamp their own taste on their bathroom. One of our most popular design features is our subway tile finish, as available on model 5LBS6048B1B. The 1″ curb of this roll-in shower allows full accessibility, while the tile effect provides a stylish touch. For a more timeless-but equally striking-appearance, the 5LES6048B1B.V2 is supplied with an eight-inch tile design.

Our 60 x 48 roll-in showers also feature:

  • 0.5″ thick walls reinforced with laminated wood, making it easy to install grab bars and shower seats without additional structural backing

  • Leak-proof SnapJoint assembly and pre-leveled shower pans for reduced installation time

  • Easy-clean and gelcoat fiberglass walls that look like real tile

  • Anti-slip floors with various threshold heights

  • A 30 year limited warranty

Click on the following link to see how we manufacture our high-quality roll-in showers

How we make our Handicap Showers

If you have any questions about our 48 x 60 shower kits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 604-733-2656/1-855-566-6722 or drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Jenny Leigh



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