Mobile Home Shower Stall Installation

Mobile Home Shower Stall Installation

Throughout our many years of supplying and fitting accessible bathing solutions, we’ve seen various changes in trends and lifestyles. We pride ourselves on adapting our products and services to give our clients exactly what they need.

As increasing numbers of seniors choose to live in mobile home communities, more and more of our Vancouver handicap shower installations have taken place in such locations. When visiting our clients, we’ve noticed a number of issues with the tubs most commonly found in these homes. Firstly, the pre-existing tubs are often small and offer limited comfort to bathers. In addition, the edges of the tub are frequently too high to safely step over.

We also find that the acrylic bathtub pockets simply don’t have adequate structure or support to safely install grab bars or seats. The solution is a tub-to-shower conversion using a mobile home shower stall, personalized with accessories to your exact specifications. We also offer a range of curb options to make sure you can easily access your shower stall. Some of our most popular models include the 5LBS5430.V2 model with its 4″ curb and the 5LBS5430E2T, which is slightly lower at 2″. We also provide roll-in showers with a threshold of .75″, such as the 54″x36″ model 5LBS5436E75B.

Moreover, one of the many benefits of mobile homes is that they’re compact and easy to manage. A downside of this, however, is that the bathrooms tend to be on the small side! Luckily, we have a wealth of experience in installing accessible showers in even the most modest spaces. If you’re looking for mobile home shower kits 54×27 but can spare just 3 more inches, our 54×30 shower kit combines safe, accessible bathing with a stylish finish. If space is more limited, our 48″x32″ (4LBS4832.V2) might suit you better.

However, if you’re already familiar with our brand, you’ll know we pride ourselves on the quality of our shower kits. Our shower stalls feature wood backing for a solid, durable construction and are completely leak-proof. Even better, our famous gel coat finish not only looks stunning but is hygienic and easy to clean.

Our showers won’t only allow you to bathe safely and in comfort, but they’ll brighten up your entire bathroom and even add value to your home. As with all of our showers, our mobile home walk-in showers come with our unbeatable 30-year limited warranty.

Our installations and tub-to-shower conversions are also available throughout Greater Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland region. We also operate a drop ship program and can ship to anywhere in Canada and the US. Our kits come with everything you need in one crate, from the drain and valve package to grab bars, fold-up seats, and a WaterStopper water dam.

If you’re looking for a tub-to-shower conversion or simply a straightforward shower installation in a mobile home (or any other home!), please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to answer any questions you might have or simply provide further information on our products and services. Contact info:

Tel.: 604-733-2656
Toll-free: 1-855-566-6722

Written by: Jenny Leigh



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