Safer Showering with the KTWSG5U WaterStopper Collapsible Dam

Safer Showering with the WaterStopper

Safer Showering with the WaterStopperHere at ORCA HealthCare, your safety is our priority. All our showers are designed to ensure excellent water drainage, but for a dry bathroom floor, use a WaterStopper Collapsible Dam in your shower.

The WaterStopper was created to prevent splashes and spills while ensuring our accessible showers remain just that accessible to all users. This effective water retention system features a clever rubber dam that is fully collapsible. The rubber flexes when stepped on or when rolled over by a wheelchair then springs back into an upright position to stop water from escaping from the shower.

Each WaterStopper includes 2 sets of end caps for a perfect fit and secure sealing of corners. Moreover, when used with a weighted shower curtain, the WaterStopper provides a complete water containment system, ensuring safe and comfortable showers.

Keeping the bathroom floor dry reduces the risk of slipping in pools of water after exiting the shower. Keeping the bathroom floor dry reduces the need for constant wiping and prevents mold and water damage. Additionally, the WaterStopper suits all users, whether on foot, with a walker, or in a wheelchair. Safe bathing seat and beige water stopper 60×30 handicap shower with WaterStopper

You can fit the WaterStopper into new or existing showers and install it in just minutes. You can fit it on tile, composite, or any other type of shower, and it comes in a variety of lengths. It’s available in both grey (model KTWSG5U) and beige (KTWSB5U). The WaterStopper suits private homes and commercial/healthcare facilities, needing only minimal DIY skills for fitting.

If you have questions about the KTWSG5U WaterStopper Collapsible Dam or its suitability for your shower, feel free to contact us. You can reach us by telephone at +1.855.566.6722 or drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you!



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